Waterfront homes in Eagle, IdahoIf you've always dreamed of waterfront living, Eagle Idaho waterfront communities are among some of the best options in the Gem State, especially if you want to live near the big city, Boise. Eagle Idaho waterfront listings include homes both on the Boise River as well as on numerous manmade lakes scattered throughout the area in many high end developments. That means not only can you take your pick from among many homes that offer gorgeous waterfront views and the privacy it offers, but in some cases you'll also have access to the water to do a little fishing or canoeing.  Either way, all of Eagle is close to the Boise River so all watersport activities are just a few minutes away. With so many Eagle Idaho waterfront listings to choose from, you are likely to find just the right combination for your specific needs.

Consider the Property First

The ideal scenario when shopping Eagle Idaho waterfront properties would be to find your dream house sitting on the perfect section of waterfront. However, in any home-buying situation, it is rare to find a property that has every last feature on your wish list. HGTV recommends looking more closely at the property than the house. Does it have the views you hoped for? Does it offer the access to the water that you want? Is the level of privacy one you're comfortable with? Are the allowed activities on the water going to be an invasion to your privacy or enhance the livability of the property? Remember, if the water is public anyone can invade your space at least temporarily. So, as with all real estate the most valuable element is “Location!”. Once you move in, if the house lacks a few of the elements you'd like, those can be changed or added, but the location can't easily be transformed if it falls short of your expectations.

Learn the Insurance Requirements

Some homes in Eagle Idaho waterfront communities require flood insurance in addition to the general homeowner's policy. Most Eagle Idaho waterfront listings are in not in a flood zone, and the homes on the lakes rarely have flooding issues. However, like the Payette River, the Boise River is used for flood control and irrigation. That means river levels can and do fluctuate, causing occasional flooding depending on where the home is located. Owning Eagle Idaho waterfront properties doesn't automatically require carrying extra insurance. The flood insurance issue for Eagle Idaho waterfront listings along the river is determined on a case by case basis depending on its elevation in regards to the river level and the topography around it.  Stewart Realty provides clients with a Flood Zone Map so that you can be educated regarding the risk of flooding for any particular property.

Eagle ID Waterfront: River Vs. Lakes

When it comes to living on waterfront in Eagle Idaho the river vs. lakes is question is one of the choices you'll have to make. According to HGTV, taking a look at the activities you enjoy most and comparing them to what each type of waterfront location has to offer can help you choose the best property for your lifestyle from among the different Eagle Idaho waterfront listings. For example, both the river and many of the lakes attract wildlife and are terrific places to fish and watch waterfowl, beavers, etc. You'll probably want a riverfront home, though, if you enjoy stream fishing, rafting and kayaking. Alternatively, a lake is a better choice for canoeing or paddle boating.  Also, the lakes often have better man made  beach areas than the river, for picnics, bonfire parties, and sandcastle building if the development allows it.

The Right Realtor for Eagle Idaho Waterfront Listings

If you want to live on an Eagle Idaho waterfront property river vs. lakes might not be the biggest concern you have. In order to find the Eagle Idaho river and lake listings that fit what you're looking for, you'll need the right realtor. The experts at Stewart Realty are exceptionally familiar with Eagle Idaho waterfront communities. Jeff can help you navigate the many options and situations and show you the properties that most closely match your particular needs. 

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