Few people purchase their first home thinking it will be the only house they ever buy. However, you don’t always know what circumstances will be attached to selling your home. Maybe you have to move for your job, your financial situation has changed, or you want to move into a home you’ve inherited. Those are only a few of the numerous reasons you might need to sell your house fast in Caldwell

When time is of the essence, it’s helpful to understand there’s an art to pricing your home to sell quickly. It requires some research and planning, but it’s time well-spent. Consider it an investment that will help you sell your house fast in Caldwell.

Develop a Price Range to Sell Your House Fast in Caldwell  

Pricing your home to sell requires understanding what your house is worth, as well as what comparable Caldwell homes for sale are going for. This is where the research comes in. You’ll need to scan the MLS and find out what some similar houses have sold for recently. You can also talk to an appraiser or an inspector to get an idea of your home’s value. Pricing your home to sell doesn’t stop there, however. Even once you know what it’s worth, Reader’s Digest says you don’t simply put that number on a price tag. Instead, you settle on a price range. For example, a house that has an approximate value of $300,000 should have a price range of about $280,000 to $325,000. Different elements can affect that, such as the time of year, the market conditions, or how many other Caldwell homes for sale there are. 

Make Sure Yours is Seen Among Caldwell Homes for Sale

How you use your price range determines if you can sell your house fast in Caldwell. Of course, you want to get the most out of the property you can, but when you need to sell quickly, you might have to go with the lower end of the price range. A lower price stimulates interest and can attract multiple buyers. That in itself is useful because, in the psychology of home selling, buyers are more attracted to Caldwell homes for sale that others are interested in. 

That doesn’t mean you have to list your house way down at the bottom end of your range. Using the example from above, pricing your home to sell at $299,000 is a good strategy. A buyer might be looking for houses under $300,000 and set their searches for that price or ask their Realtor to do the same. The $299,000 price tag will ensure your house shows up among Caldwell homes for sale under $300,000 so you don’t miss out on those buyers. Plus, it will still sell for right around what the home is worth.

Set the Stage

Realtor.com says that having your house professionally staged is one way to go the extra mile to sell your house fast in Caldwell. Naturally, you’ll want to clean it, and might even consider hiring a cleaning company to give your house a nice, thorough dusting and scrubbing. However, it’s effective to go one step further and have a decorator stage the home to get your house noticed among all the Caldwell homes for sale. It can even make the difference between having your house sit on the market for weeks or having buyers in a bidding war over it. 

Seek Professional Help

If you really want to sell your house fast in Caldwell, you’ll need professional help. Statistics show that houses sell faster and for better prices when a real estate agent is involved. Realtors are experts at pricing your home to sell quickly as well as marketing it and helping guide you through the selling process. All that experience and know-how will serve you well, so no time will be wasted when you absolutely must sell your home quickly.

To find out more about how to sell your house fast in Caldwell or the rest of Southwestern Idaho, give Jeff Stewart at Stewart Realty a call.  He understands the housing market in Caldwell and, as a former real estate appraiser, he knows how to value your house for pricing your home to sell. Jeff can get your house seen by as many buyers as possible, and you’ll have the benefit of his expert negotiation skills. He knows the best way to sell your house fast in Caldwell through specialized marketing and proficient pricing. 

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