Meridian has a new gathering place!  The Village at Meridian is located at the corner of Fairview and Eagle Road.  It is considered a lifestyle center where you will find a unique experience that can pull the community together.  

The Village at Meridian features 100 acres of premier, upscale specialty and high end apparel shops, an expansive selection of home goods, enviable restaurants, 150,000 square feet of quality office spaces, and a one-acre park with children’s play area, a concert and outdoor event space, seasonal ice skating, comfortable seating, and 200 + ornate lamp posts with several fire pits throughout Fountain Square.  You will be able to sit by a Bellagio-inspired fountain that releases glittering, choreographed bursts of water and light to music on the hour or after dinner take a stroll in the adjacent Kleiner Park.  

It will prove to be an excellent opportunity to enjoy being out and about year round with all of the events on the calendar. Be sure to visit soon!

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