Horse property in Marsing, IdahoWhether you already have a horse or two or have been dreaming of owning a few horses you know the importance of having the right real estate.  And, if you are ready to make it a reality, you already know how crucial it is to do your research to make sure you have find the right Marsing Idaho horse property up front. There are many locations in Idaho that have most of the ingredients to make a good equestrian life, but one part of the state is just tailor-made to perfection. That area is Marsing, which amazingly is less than 30 miles southwest of Boise and within commuting distance of the primary job markets in the area.  So if you're ready to get looking for the ideal Equestrian life, you have definitely come to the right place to find them here Marsing Idaho Horse Properties.

Marsing, Idaho sits in a large picturesque, irrigated valley with the Great Snake River running right through the middle of it. It's not just the beauty of the valley that makes Marsing Idaho acreage properties perfect for keeping horses. It’s all the other amenities the Marsing area has to offer make it picture perfect!

house with horse propertyLocation is everything when it comes to real estate, and Marsing Idaho is no exception when searching for horse properties. Marsing is located conveniently close to abundant BLM land for riding freedom, and there are breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains to the southwest. In fact, the beautiful Owyhee mountain range is not only a delightful and scenic area to enjoy horseback riding on the many trails, but it's a great place for horsemen (and women!) to hunt big game. With all that going for it, one visit to the valley is typically all it takes to be convinced that Marsing is the perfect place for living the equestrian life. Horse properties are available throughout the Marsing-Homedale valley, and you can find riverfront acreage, near the foothills, or as far away or close to town as you want to be.  You will also find that land for sale in Marsing is a bit less expensive than the rest of the state and even a bit less than in Canyon County and it’s just a few minutes further from the Boise Metropolitan area.

lots of land availableOf course, in addition to location, you'll want to find that Marsing Idaho horse property that accommodates your equine herd, no matter how many horses you have or plan on having. The experts at Equine Therapy advise that you have at least 1.5 acres of grazing for your first horse and add one acre for each additional horse, depending on the quality of the pasture of course. And, considering that pasture typically needs to rest a couple of times each year, you might want to look at properties that are large enough for at least 2 acres for each animal. 

And, with the price of good hay these days, the fertile ground and really inexpensive irrigation water there are lots of large acreages in Marsing that are great for hay production and offer the convenience and economic benefits of growing the majority of your horses' feed yourself. Most acreage in Marsing, Idaho comes with water rights but don't take that for granted. Search here for larger, bare ground parcels.

cowboyHorse Journals strongly recommends getting help from a local real estate expert to find the right horse property to meet your specific needs.  You'll get the expert help you need with buying Marsing, Idaho properties from Stewart Realty. Take the first step by searching Marsing property listings on our website, and using the Advanced Search tab to refine the search to your specific parameters.

You know what you want and need in a horse property, and Stewart Realty is the right team to help you find the right Marsing Idaho horse properties you're looking for.  Just give us a call and we will get working for you!  Click here to view our Marsing Home Page.

Jeff and his team have extensive experience in Owyhee County.  Having worked as an appraiser, Jeff can offer his expertise in property quality and valuation to buyers looking at Marsing property listings as well as knowing things areas where well water can be marginal or where you can tap into geothermal resources. Plus, he can help guide you on properties that will be good for hay production and can assist you in determining if the acreage properties that you're interested in have good soil and irrigation rights as well as proximity to BLM areas.  

The team at Stewart Realty knows homes and they know Southwest Idaho real estate. To find out more about real estate in the Boise Region give Jeff Stewart at Stewart Realty a call to set up your personal real estate search, a personal tour of the area and find some great homes that fit your needs and budget.

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