Native Idahoans and transplants alike are drawn to Caldwell because, on top of everything else the town has to offer, it is the epitome of small-town Idaho. Many people cite its simple lifestyle and family atmosphere as aspects that drew them in or keep them living in Caldwell. In addition to the friendly community and uncomplicated way of life, Caldwell is only a short drive from Boise for periodic doses of big-city excitement, when needed and for a relatively short commute.

Though it's one of the smaller communities near the state capital, Caldwell has seen its share of growth. Finding the best Caldwell, Idaho neighborhoods starts with knowing what elements are important to you, such as proximity to schools, access to activities, safety, and whether you prefer an existing home, want to go new construction or maybe even Search Caldwell Idaho Acreage Properties. Whatever you're looking for, there are Caldwell, ID homes for sale that fit your idea of ideal.

Caldwell, ID Real Estate With Schools Nearby

Many families feel it is essential to find Caldwell, Idaho real estate near good schools. There are 16 public schools in Caldwell, and highlights the Underkoflers Corner and the South 10th Avenue/East Logan Street neighborhoods as being the best areas in Caldwell for the best schools. With several schools in each neighborhood, families with kids from pre-kindergarten through high school are well-accommodated.  The Vallivue School District tends to be more in demand than the Caldwell School District.

Additionally, Caldwell is home to the College of Idaho, one of the highest ranking colleges in the state and among the highest ranking private colleges in the nation. C of I hit the number two spot on StartClass's list of top Idaho colleges, and the administration was extremely pleased when its school broke into the Forbes list of the top 200 colleges in the nation. Since the median Caldwell home price is over 40 percent lower than the national average, families and college students alike can find affordable Caldwell, Idaho Homes for Sale near the College of Idaho as well as other rental options throughout the area.

The Safety Factor

No town can entirely escape crime, but Caldwell has done an excellent job of cutting their crime rate over the last few years, bringing it to the lowest level ever. In fact, the Caldwell Police Department reports that the rate has dropped 29 percent since 2007. Naturally, as in any town, some neighborhoods have better track records for safety. According to  Caldwell, Idaho real estate located in the Underkoflers Corner neighborhood is the safest in the city, which is terrific news for families considering it's also one of the best for education and schools. Further north, the Aviation Way/East Linden Street neighborhood comes in as the second safest neighborhood in town. 

Life at the Lake

Some of the most desirable Caldwell, Idaho Real Estate can be found near Lake Lowell. As part of the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, the Lake Lowell area offers everything you'd expect from the unrivaled Idaho wilderness. In addition to the wildlife and beautiful scenery, Caldwell, Idaho homes for Sale near the lake provide access to hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and swimming. Plus, there are a variety of MLS listings in Caldwell, Idaho in the Lake Lowell neighborhood, so you'll have your choice of stately and delightful older homes as well as attractive and modern newer homes and some with territorial views of the Owyhee Mountains.

Finding Caldwell, ID Homes for Sale  

The Multiple Listing Service is a great resource for finding Caldwell, Idaho Homes for Sale. It's a more comprehensive list of Caldwell, Idaho homes for sale than individual realtors might have on their own. While MLS listings in Caldwell, Idaho, are only available for licensed real estate agents, not all licensed agents have access. Stewart Realty is, however, one of the real estate companies in Southwest Idaho that can offer you information on MLS listings of Caldwell, Idaho homes for sale. Use the MLS number to search the listings with Stewart Realty's advanced search option on the website, or simply peruse the company's inventory of Caldwell, Idaho real estate. If you have something very specific in mind, broker/realtor Jeff Stewart would be happy to talk to you about MLS listings of Caldwell, Idaho homes to help you find just what you're looking for. Give him a call at 208-602-1993 or email him at for help finding Caldwell, Idaho homes for sale in your ideal neighborhood.  

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