It might not be Mayberry, USA, but the City of Emmett is one of those idyllic towns that lives life from a simpler time. Located just under 30 miles northwest of Boise in a picturesque valley below Squaw Butte, Emmett is the little city in the country that is close enough to all of the conveniences of the larger, more urban areas to be able to take advantage of them while still enjoying country living in the pristine Emmett Valley. There is also lake recreation to be found on Black Canyon Reservoir along the Payette River just to the east. In the wake of the recession and subsequent recovery, many other towns located in the southwest corner of Idaho have gotten a lot of press for being up-and-coming places to live. Though you may have heard of Boise, Meridian, and Eagle, don't overlook the Emmett area which is just a hop over the hill when you're looking for a new place to settle down and slow up the pace a bit.

Small-Town Charm

With a population of just over 6,500, the City of Emmett is really a small town, just the type many people look for when they want to slow down the pace a bit. That doesn't mean that country living in the City of Emmett doesn't have loads of benefits to offer. Emmett and the rest of Gem County are home to considerable cultural and economic activity including a vibrant tourist industry--and much of that can be chalked up to Emmett's small-town charm.

It's an appeal that is historic in nature. Walking down Main Street in the City of Emmett inspires the feeling that nothing has changed for decades, and that kind of stable continuity is comforting. The City of Emmett's Main Street even made a top 10 list of best main streets in Idaho on the Only in Your State website. It's quiet and rural, and the surrounding mountains can easily be seen from almost any angle, one of the best aspects of country living in the City of Emmett.

Main Street is just one place in the City of Emmett you'll find quaint local shops that are good for more than touristy-souvenir purchases. Along with delightful gift shops, there are drug stores, grocery stores, hardware and paint supplies, clothing shops, and so much more. You'll have a selection of restaurants to choose from throughout the City of Emmett when you want to dine out, and there is a museum, a theater, and galleries when you're looking for some entertainment.  If all of that is too urban for you, there's a greenbelt, farmers' markets, and the Gem County Fair for more of a taste of country living in the City of Emmett.

Don't Forget the Emmett Cherry Festival

Emmett, Idaho is known for its cherries. Since the 1930s, the area's thriving orchards have been a source of income and commerce for the City of Emmett and its residents. To celebrate the abundance and harvest, the entire county comes together the second full week of June for the Emmett Cherry Festival to enjoy a carnival, concerts, and loads of free events. The Emmett Cherry Festival is essentially a free celebration. There's no charge to enter any of the contests--including the famous cherry pie-eating contest-- plus there's no admission fees, the nightly concerts and daily entertainment are on the house, and the two parades are free of charge.

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